Sometimes when you’re in South Fork, Colorado, you have an urge. The urge to feel the crisp mountain air rushing by you. The urge to discover new and exciting places. The urge to have a picnic where no one else has!  All of our side-by-sides and our ATVS are trail legal except for 4-Seaters.  Our 2-Seat ATVS are made for 2 people and is the safest ATV for 2 people to ride.  It can be converted to a single rider ATV if needed.  Call or come by to make your reservations.  719-873-9873


Single–4 Hours–$150. ,  Double–  4 Hours–$175.

Single–7 Hours–$175.,  Double– 7 Hours–$200.

Single–2-6 Days –$165 Per Day., Double–2-6 Days–$190 Per Day

Delivery/South Fork Area –Free!(with atv/utv rental)

Trailer Rental — Free!(with atv/utv rental)

Damage Deposit Per Machine –$1000.

Must be 18 yr. to drive.  All drivers and riders must wear helmets.  ATVs must be filled with gas at end of rental.  Cancellations less than 72 hours will be charged 50% of rental.  Insurance included in price, $1000.00 deductible.

UTV RENTALS (Side-by-sides)

RENTAL PRICES:     2-Seat–4 Hours–$200.,  4– Seat–4 Hours–$240., 6–Seat 4 Hours–$260.

2-Seat–7 Hours–$250.,  4–Seat–7 Hours–$275.,  6–Seat–7 Hours–$295.

2-Seat–2-6 Days– $225. Per Day

4-Seat–2-6 Days–$250. Per Day

6-Seat–2-6 Days– $275. Per Day



Rental Prices:  (Trail Machines)– Single–4 Hours–$175., Double–4 Hours–$200.

Single–7 Hours– $200., Double–7 Hours–$225.

Single–2-6 Days– $175. Per Day

Double–2-6 Days–$200. Per Day


Rental Prices:  (Mountain Machines) —$275. Per Day                                                  

Delivery within South Fork –$30.

Trailer Rental–$25.  Per Day

Snowmobile Retrieval–$125.00 per hr.(1 hour minimum)

Must be 18 years old to drive.  Snowmobiles must be filled with gas at end of rental.  Cancellations less than 72 hours prior to reservation will be charged 50% of rental.

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